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LIMITED REPLACEMENT WARRANTY POLICY                                                                               (As of 2/01/2009)

Your satisfaction is important to us! Our ballasts are fully tested before they are shipped to you. Please make sure they are matched to the line voltages and the lamps specified in our literature and/or product labels. Misuse of the ballasts will invalidate their warranty.

This warranty is conditioned upon proper storage, installation, use and maintenance. This warranty is not applicable to any ballast which is not installed by a Qualified Electrical Technician and operated in accordance with the current edition of The USA National Electric Code (NEC) and/or the National Electric Code published in the country in which the ballast is operated and with COMPUCHARGE instructions and guidelines for the ballast. This warranty is not applicable to any ballast subjected to abnormal stresses and operating conditions.

If a ballast malfunctions within five years from its date of purchase by the original end user we will replace it free of charge (shipping excluded) if operated below a maximum ambient temperature of 40degC, or below a maximum of 75degC case temperature, or three years from its date of purchase by its original user if operated above 75degC case temperature but below 80degC case temperature. This warranty is invalidated if a ballast is operated above 80degC case temperature, subject to our satisfaction that the malfunction was not caused by abuse or mismatch.

This warranty is limited to the replacement of the ballasts only. We do not assume liability of any kind for the use, misuse, merchantability or fitness for a particular use of the ballasts or the results thereof. Under no circumstance will our liability accede the cost of the ballasts.

The conditions of any test concerning any ballast which is claimed to have not performed to this warranty shall be mutually agreed upon in writing and COMPUCHARGE shall be notified of, and may be represented at any such tests. This limited warranty is extended by COMPUCHARGE only to the original or first end-user purchaser.

You must acquire a Return Authorization Number (RAN) for returned merchandise by email, fax or snail mailing, within 30 days of the ballast failure.

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