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 Our Cobra-Head Streetlights energized by our unique High Frequency HPS Electronic Ballasts to Maximize your Return On Investment.


We offer you the best HPS Luminaires for Streetlighting!

Our COMPU-LUMINAIRES® Are the BEST answer to your quest. Our Cobra-Head luminaires are customized to meet your specifications and certified by an independent laboratory. They incorporate our low and high frequency Hid electronic COMPUBALLAST® to deliver the highest energy savings. Both the input to, and output from our electronic ballasts have PF > 0.99, THD = 10% to meet the stringiest specs. and prolong the lamps life expectancy.

Our luminaires are ideal for roadway, parking lots and areas with high pedestrian traffic. The housings are made of durable, die cast aluminum with hinged covers and latches for quick maintenance and are equipped with Bird-Stops. The reflectors are made of high grade anodized hydroformed aluminum. The refractors are made of durable prismatic borosilicate glass, producing NEMA-type lighting patterns for uniform illumination suitable for long, narrow roads and pathways. The lamp chambers are tightly sealed and gasketed for extended life and reduced dirt depreciation.

We offer you the following...

1. ...Our high frequency HPS Cobra Head streetlights are energised by our custom designed leading HPS electronic ballasts for greater savings than other HPS and the LED streetlight luminaires. Our HPS streetlights luminaire efficiency is greater than 88% and Luminaire Efficacy Ratio (LER) = 90 LPW. Working at Line voltages 120~240Vac 50/60Hz.

2. ...Our HID ballasts unique soft start “Programmed Ignition®” used in our luminaires are designed to extend the life expectancy of the HID lamps.

3. ...We also offer two types of MH luminaires one of them is using our High Frequency ballast design similar to our HPS above. The other is using our Low Frequency MH ballasts housed in small footprint enclosures. Our MH luminaires which use our Low-Frequency electronic ballasts are suitable for street lighting, parking garages and high-bay applications at wattages 50W to 250W at Line voltages 120~277Vac 50/60Hz.

4. ...We offer our Pre-Programmed "RTC Dimmer©" modules which can be connected to our Electronic HID Ballasts to automatically dim their lamps output from 100% down to 50% at a Real Clock Time selected by you, to increase energy savings.

5. ...Our optional LVI-1 Low Line Voltage Indicator - Indicating a line voltage drop down from 120Vac to any voltage between 100Vac and 10Vac.

FYI: Our HPS Drop-Lens Cobra-Head COMPU-LUMINAIRES®  are approved by:

for illuminating the streets of New York city

Partial availability list:

HPS Luminaires Type II; Medium; Semi-Cutoff Type II; Medium; Cutoff
 50W  CBL-2MS-50W-HPS  CBL-2MC-50W-HPS
 70W  CBL-2MS-70W-HPS  CBL-2MC-70W-HPS
 100W  CBL-2MS-100W-HPS  CBL-2MC-100W-HPS
 150W  CBL-2MS-150W-HPS  CBL-2MC-150W-HPS
Other Cobra-head luminaires with Drop-Lens, Sag or Flat lens are optional.

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