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At COMPUCHARGE™ we offer you our revolutionary Cobra-Head HPS streetlights - with the highest luminaire efficiency (>88%) and deepest energy cost savings in the industry.


Would you be interested in streetlights which are designed to meet the IES (RP-8-00) for Local/Low, Collector/Medium and Major/Medium classifications? Our HPS streetlights will eliminate your LED streetlights extra hardware costs and reduce more of your electric energy costs than other LED or HPS streetlights.

The truth about the LED & HPS streetlights savings

Can the LED streetlights replace the HPS streetlights?*

•The IES RP-8-00 specs which the LED streetlights are trying to meet are (1)TYPE II, (2)MEDIUM and (3)CUTOFF or (3)SEMI-CUTOFF at the existing Local/Low pole spacing, which most of the LED street-lights fail to meet simultaneously. •You will therefore need to add an extra row of staggered LED streetlights on the other side of the street . •You will need twice as many LED streetlights to replace the existing HPS streetlights.

 How much will you save on hardware by using Compucharge HPS rather than the LED streetlights?

Let us consider the case of the streetlights for Local/Low traffic, double lane streets with R3 pavement, 26 ft wide, with lamp poles 25 ft mounting height and medium pole spacing. The average cost of the LED luminaire in the original row is $650. The cost of the additional row is $2,233 ea. (= $1,405/pole + $650/luminaire + $178/installation). The cost of a staggered pair of LED luminaires is $2,883 ea. ($2,233 + $650). The total savings of replacing the LED with Compucharge HPS is $2,728 (= $2,883 - $155). The %age savings is 94.6%. You can purchase 18.6 Compucharge HPS luminaires for the cost of one LED luminaires to deliver equal illuminance.


How much energy will you save by using COMPUCHARGE HF HPS to replace the LF HPS Streetlight?

•COMPUCHARGE HF HPS streetlights consume only 63.7W. (Using a 100W HPS lamp dimmed to match the GE LF HPS output). •The GE LF HPS streetlights consume 127.4W using a 100W lamp. •That constitutes a saving of 63.7W (= 127.4W - 63.7W) or $26.8 (= 77.4W x 4200Hrs x 0.10 /1000w/kW). •The %age savings is 50.0% (= 63.7 / 127.4W).

•COMPUCHARGE HF HPS streetlights consume only 63.7W. (Using a 100W HPS lamp dimmed to match the AEL LF HPS output). •The AEL LF HPS streetlights consume 132W using a 100W lamp. •That constitutes a saving of 68.3W (= 132W - 63.7W) or $28.7 (= 77.4W x 4200Hrs x 0.10 /1000w/kW). •The %age savings is 53.6% (= 68.3 / 127.4W).

Please note: We can offer you our HPS Luminaires customized to meet your specific streetlight requirements yet consume less energy per given illuminance than other luminaires. You are welcome to try us - You'll be pleasantly surprised.

 LF HPS Streetlights Used for Comparison:

1. HPS Streetlight: GE Lighting Catalog #M2RC10S0H2GMC2 (Source NLPIP report)
2. HPS Streetlight: American Electric lighting Catalog #115 10S R3 FG HP (Source AEL Website)

FYI: Our HPS Drop-Lens Cobra-Head Luminaires and our Electronic Ballasts were approved by...

  & illuminate the streets of New York city. (Also qualified by ConEdison for rebate).

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